Cargo Tank Risk Management Committee

Cargo Tank Safety - Fall ProtectionThe Cargo Tank Risk Management Committee (CTRMC) was formed on March 17, 2010 and is made up of leading industry professionals with the sole task to proactively enhance cargo tank safety.  We recognize the goal of the industry is to reduce falls at the wide variety of facilities and situations where workers perform various duties while on top of cargo tanks.  Our members are from every aspect of the industry.  From cargo tank trailer manufacturers, truck carriers, worker’s compensation insurance providers, shippers, consignees to tank cleaning facilities.

It is estimated that there are over 250,000 cargo tank motor vehicles in use across North America today.  For every one of these cargo tanks on the road each represents at least 4 to 5 workers who performs assigned work duties on top of them each and every day.

CTRMC represents an industry who recognizes that reducing falls is vital to the health and safety of workers.  Our intent is to provide a proactive means to address the industry’s goal of reducing exposures to falls at the variety of unique facilities and varied situations where workers climb onto cargo tank motor vehicles.


Cargo tank industry stakeholders working together to create solutions aimed at reducing the hazards faced by workers on and around such equipment.

Vision Statement

A work environment where all cargo tank industry stakeholders live out the primary core value of safety first – and always.  This environment will be one in which all stakeholders work in harmony to design industry-standard education, work processes, and equipment design measures that will keep workers safe on and around cargo tanks.  Furthermore, the stakeholders will be represented by a committee of representatives from across the industry that are empowered with their respective segment’s knowledge and support to create and publish such guidance in a way that will be most widely accepted, universally applicable, and engineers out risk to workers as much as is reasonably possible.


The issues being addressed by this group are related to workers that perform functions on both straight and combination cargo tanks.