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Jointly, the Cargo Tank Risk Management Committee (CTRMC) and the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) announce the publication of a new technical bulletin on tank trailer ladders.   Almost two years ago the CTRMC was formed to better protect ‘Workers on the Top of Tanks’ in the highway transportation industry. Uniquely, this group is compromised of stakeholders from most disciplines within the tank trailer market; carriers, consignees, manufacturers, shippers, wash facilities, and others. The TTMA, founded in 1941, is the principal trade organization representing North American manufacturers of trailers with gross weights in excess of 10,000 pounds.

During past CTRMC meetings, industry stakeholders have overwhelmingly expressed a desire for a document outlining the suggested attributes of a ladder employed on the most common tank trailer type – the one compartment variant.

Accordingly, committees within the CTRMC and TTMA deliberated on this matter, and after careful consideration, finalized TTMA TB No. 125. For a copy, please visit www.ttmanet.org .

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