Tractor Climbing Guide – Entry and Exit

The Cargo Tank Risk Management Committee recognizes that truck drivers routinely enter and exit the cab of their tractors  as a part of their regular work assignments are at the greatest risk for slips and falls. Since slips and falls are the most common workplace injury for trucking companies, training drivers in prevention techniques is extremely important to avoid injuries.

Extensive safety training and retraining on the prevention of slips and falls while entering and exiting the cab of their tractors should be provided for all new and current driver employees.

The Cargo Risk Management Committee has developed a minimum suggested standard for driver/worker training to reduce the potential for falls while entering and exiting tractors.

Why Does Slips and Falls While Entering and Exiting Tractors Deserve Management and Driver Attention?

According to a 2012 Trucker Injuries Survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance, Driver injuries from entering and exiting tractors were responsible for 11% of the driver injuries and 11% of the incurred costs.

  • Workers frequently enter and exit tractors as part of their job
    •  Falls from tractors can cause disabling injuries
    •  Exposure to wind and other weather conditions creates unique injury potential for falls
    •  Falls (all types combined) are the #1 cause of worker injuries for trucking companies
    •  Working in a variety of situations and in the dark increases the need to follow these guidelines

Task Performance Issues

  • Have proper footwear that is in good condition and clean
  • Understand how your job tasks should be performed
  • Inspect the area and equipment prior to climbing in or out of tractors
  • Use 3 points of contact when climbing
  • Always face the equipment when climbing in or out
  • Don’t carry things while you climb, place items out of the way and not on the seat
  • Get a firm hand grip on rails and solid footing on the steps
  • Use proper attire to reduce potential for injuries (slip resistant gloves, high visibility clothes when working in yards or around moving motor vehicles and task specific protection as needed based on cargo or task)

Other Important Topics Covered in This Training Are:

Reducing Tractor Entry and Exit Fall Potential

Defining 3 Points of Contact

Proper Foot Position While Entering and Exiting The Tractor

Proper Hand Grip and Placement While Entering and Exiting The Tractor

Safe Tips For Climbing In to and Out of the Tractor

Best Practices for Exiting The Cab of the Tractor

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Preventing Falls From Tractors


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